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Carbon Fibre Adaptor for hydraulic clamping

Ahaus, May 30st, 2014

The newest development of POLYWEST, the Carbon Fibre Adapter for hydraulic clamping is now launched. The clamping adapter is designed for use on Fischer&Krecke®/F&K® CI-Flexoprinting machines type FP 16-S und 20 SIX® and available for printing width AB 1050, 1250, 1350 und 1450 mm.
The special design of the hydraulic clamping mandrel requires an even special designed bridge, on the basis of the wellproven hybrid technology with high performance carbon fibre surface.

POLYWEST offers the renewal / reconditioning of wear off or damaged OEM-Clamping Adapters and production of new clamping adapters, single ones as an replacement or to complete existing sets.

Hydraulischer Spannadapter


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