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New member of the Lohmann FlexoLAB: „Obsidian“ sleeve from „Polywest“


At least since the opening of the in-house FlexoLAB a good five years ago, Lohmann has had a close cooperation with the company “Polywest” from Ahaus. The expert in plastics technology regularly supplies the graphic experts from Neuwied with the latest trends in sleeve systems. “The better the surface of the sleeve, the better our adhesive tape adheres to it. This in turn leads to excellent printing results,” explains Thomas Holzer, Market Manager Graphics at Lohmann. For this reason, he says, it is enormously important for the printing experts to continuously educate themselves and to keep an eye on the latest developments in sleeve technologies.

Therefore, Polywest’s offer to provide the Bonding Engineers with their latest sleeve came in handy. “The contact originally came about through Dortschy, our distributor in Germany. Dortschy also distributes Polywest products and so the idea to present the latest sleeve innovation at FlexoLAB was born,” explains Holzer.

No sooner said than done, and the black sleeve with the sonorous name “Obsidian” landed in Neuwied. It has now been in operation for a good week and the colleagues are very satisfied. The new type of surface, which is extremely resistant to cuts and solvents, improves the bonding of Lohmann’s plate mounting tapes enormously. Its light weight and residue-free cleaning, as well as excellent concentricity, further facilitated its use. “As always, we are impressed by the outstanding sleeve quality and the uncomplicated cooperation with our partners,” summarizes Holzer.

He and his colleagues are certainly pleased with the latest member of their “sleeve family” at FlexoLAB.

Change in the management at Polywest

Geschäftsführerwechsel bei PolywestJörg C. Saueressig left the company at the end of 2020

Michael Kockentiedt takes over the lead at Polywest after Jörg C. Saueressig left the company on December 31, 2020 when his contract expired.

In May 2008, Jörg C. Saueressig took over POLYWEST as managing partner and made it one of the global market leaders in the field of sleeve and adapter solutions for flexographic printing. As part of the succession plan, Jörg C. Saueressig put the company in good hands with the sale to Quartum Kapital GmbH in April 2019 in order to ensure the long-term development and continuation of the company.

Michael Kockentiedt, who has supported Jörg Saueressig as 2nd managing director at Polywest since the beginning of 2015, now continues the company as sole managing director and is accompanied by a strong management team that supports him in the various business areas. Michael Kockentiedt has been active in the industry for almost a quarter of a century and also knows the market competitors very well from previous activities.

4 new trainees at POLYWEST


We like to welcome 4 new trainees starting their 3 year apprenticeship within the POLYWEST-Team. Gabriel Kowalski (Left) and Julian Venheus (middleleft) will work in the maintance department. Mrs Pia Rabbe (middle right) and Mr. Alexander Wigger (right) start their training in the administration and sales department. At the POLYWEST Banner the trainers Mrs Christina Rathmer (HR) und Mr. Adolf Borgers (technical trainer) are shown.
The vocational training of 9 trainees is done in 3 different areas,  in business and administration,  in plastic processing and the mechanical and electrical maintenance.



With the POLYCARBON adapters, Polywest offers a three-stage system for flexographic printing. All POLYCARBON adapters have a wear-resistant and robust carbon surface. Additionally to vibration damping the carbon surface withstands frequent handling or sleeve changes.

POLYCARBON BASIC is the clever adapter with a solid structure and suitable for use in all standard flexographic printing machines.

POLYCARBON ALLROUND stands out due to its more vibration-damping carbon structure. This results in an improved printing performance with a simultaneous weight reduction, in particular for adapters with larger wall thicknesses. The ALLROUND is therefore up to almost all printing challenges.

The POLYCARBON FAST is the speed master among the Polywest adapters and is designed for the highest quality demands at maximum printing speed.

With the POLYCARBON HYDRAULIC, Polywest also offers a well tried and tested hydraulic shaft adapter for maximum printing speeds for high quality demands.

Polywest “Your Print – Our Mission”.

Information Coronavirus

Dear Business Partners,

Due to the further spread of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID 19) corona virus causes uncertainty and numerous open questions all over the world, we would like to inform you about the current situation at Polywest. Polywest continuously monitors the situation and takes all options to protect our employees and customers as well as to ensure our production and delivery capability.

CoronavirusProtecting the health of our customers and employees is our top priority! It goes without saying that we adhere to the recommendations of politics and the World Health Organization. If possible, employees work from home office and in the internal offices we have arranged that our employees maintain the recommended distance, so that max. 1-2 people are working per room.

We will continue to be there for you – our production continues smoothly! Our production runs as usual, our suppliers deliver Polywest like before and we have adjusted our production to the situation so that we can continue to deliver on time. However, we ask for your understanding, if in spite of all efforts and only in single cases individual shipments are delayed due to the situation in transport.

If you have any questions about offers, your order, delivery times, transports, etc. our agents in your respective country and our sales team are at your disposal under the known telephone numbers and email addresses or at the central telephone number 02561 / 9321-23 and the central email:

We remain optimistic and hope that the situation will improve soon. With respect for another and support for another, we will master this crisis with prudence.

Please stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sincerely your Polywest team

Senior Key Account Manager

Andreas Drüke

Andreas Drüke

From now on Mr. Andreas Drüke will strengthen our sales team as Senior Key Account Manager.
Mr. Drüke has many years of international experience in the field of web offset printing and acquires the necessary knowledge about sleeves and adapters for flexo printing in current trainings. Starting from January 2020 Mr. Drüke will be responsible for cooperation and communication with our international sales partners. In this context he will visit markets and international costumers together with our local partners.

Notches & Rings

Sleeves von POLYWESTProduct improvements are sometimes small and not clearly visible, but important for lifetime of sleeves. Notches and interlocks are very good examples for such improvements. Today the plastic reeinforced notch is the standard version for notches within sleeves, shown in the ONYX+ sleeve in the picture. The older notch with a seperade metall plate will only be offered by special order from the costumer. The most used version is the black PU Ring, shown in the RUBIN+ sleeve. The PU Ring made out of Polyurethane is durable, protects the baseslave on the gearside and do not damage or cut off the Pin on the cylinder. For carbon adapters or bridge sleeves the stainless steel ring with the interlock notch is used. Some costumer prefer this more expensive version also for their sleeves.

Successful training – certificate for “The best”

Urkunde 2019 „Die Besten“ – IHK Nord Westfalen

Urkunde 2019 „Die Besten“ – IHK Nord Westfalen

In the summer of 2019, our apprentice Lena Wensing passed the IHK final examination as an industrial clerk with the grade “very good”. We would like to congratulate her once again on this great achievement.

In recognition of this success, the IHK North Rhine Westphalia has issued a certificate for “The best”. Of course, it is also a great pleasure for us.

Ms. Wensing was taken on an employment relationship after the training and supports our sales department since 26.06.2019.

We look forward to a continued good cooperation with her!

New person in Sales Team

Mrs. Lena Wensing have had finished her apprenticeship at POLYWEST in summer with a very good result. Now she is working in our internal sales team togther with her collegues Mrs. Chrstin Junghans and Mr. Dominik Wellmann. We wish all success for her new job in the sales office.

Strenghening the R&D Team

Ahaus, 2nd May 2019

POLYWEST had strenghend their R&D Team, Mr. Markus Schlapschi started on 2nd May. 2019 as head of R&D deparmend.

Mr. Schlapschi had a degree as master of Engineering, and has had 4 years of experience within the flexographic industry, he has worked in R&D for an other sleeve producer in Germany.

In the future Mr. Schlapschi will work on developing new products or production technologies or machinery to produce sleeve and adapter systems. As well as he will strenghen our technical team.

We wish Mr. Schlapschi all the best in his new job.

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