Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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Senior Key Account Manager

Andreas Drüke

Andreas Drüke

From now on Mr. Andreas Drüke will strengthen our sales team as Senior Key Account Manager.
Mr. Drüke has many years of international experience in the field of web offset printing and acquires the necessary knowledge about sleeves and adapters for flexo printing in current trainings. Starting from January 2020 Mr. Drüke will be responsible for cooperation and communication with our international sales partners. In this context he will visit markets and international costumers together with our local partners.

Notches & Rings

Sleeves von POLYWESTProduct improvements are sometimes small and not clearly visible, but important for lifetime of sleeves. Notches and interlocks are very good examples for such improvements. Today the plastic reeinforced notch is the standard version for notches within sleeves, shown in the ONYX+ sleeve in the picture. The older notch with a seperade metall plate will only be offered by special order from the costumer. The most used version is the black PU Ring, shown in the RUBIN+ sleeve. The PU Ring made out of Polyurethane is durable, protects the baseslave on the gearside and do not damage or cut off the Pin on the cylinder. For carbon adapters or bridge sleeves the stainless steel ring with the interlock notch is used. Some costumer prefer this more expensive version also for their sleeves.

Successful training – certificate for “The best”

Urkunde 2019 „Die Besten“ – IHK Nord Westfalen

Urkunde 2019 „Die Besten“ – IHK Nord Westfalen

In the summer of 2019, our apprentice Lena Wensing passed the IHK final examination as an industrial clerk with the grade “very good”. We would like to congratulate her once again on this great achievement.

In recognition of this success, the IHK North Rhine Westphalia has issued a certificate for “The best”. Of course, it is also a great pleasure for us.

Ms. Wensing was taken on an employment relationship after the training and supports our sales department since 26.06.2019.

We look forward to a continued good cooperation with her!

New person in Sales Team

Mrs. Lena Wensing have had finished her apprenticeship at POLYWEST in summer with a very good result. Now she is working in our internal sales team togther with her collegues Mrs. Chrstin Junghans and Mr. Dominik Wellmann. We wish all success for her new job in the sales office.

Strenghening the R&D Team

Ahaus, 2nd May 2019

POLYWEST had strenghend their R&D Team, Mr. Markus Schlapschi started on 2nd May. 2019 as head of R&D deparmend.

Mr. Schlapschi had a degree as master of Engineering, and has had 4 years of experience within the flexographic industry, he has worked in R&D for an other sleeve producer in Germany.

In the future Mr. Schlapschi will work on developing new products or production technologies or machinery to produce sleeve and adapter systems. As well as he will strenghen our technical team.

We wish Mr. Schlapschi all the best in his new job.

It´s time to say good bye

Time to say good bye to Paul Deneke

Time to say good bye to Paul Deneke

On 20th March we say good bye to Mr. Paul Deneke, after more than 16 years working in the sales department dealing with german speking costumers, Mr. Deneke is now in his retirement, we wish him all the best. Mrs Lena Wensing will be the successor, she will finish her trainee program in spring time to become a full member in our sales team.

Photo: Mr. Paul Deneke (right) and Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig (left)

Teddybear at POLYWEST

POLYWEST had made a donation of 500 € to action teddybear. Action Teddy helps children after an accident, they are getting their teddybear in the rescue car during transport to hospital. The teddybear helps the kids, giving some comfort, the bear stays with them all time, go everywhere they are going and will be a good friend after leaving the hospital.

We think a very good campaign to support, for this we step back from giving chrismas presents.

Now one of the teddybears is at home at POLYWEST.


Picture shows Mr. Huesker (middle) of Action Teddy and Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig (left) und Mr. Michael Kockentiedt with the bears

Support for local girls football team

Happy team members together with the trainer team Mrs. Tiebel and Mr. Mike Wensker member of the POLYWEST production management team.

POLYWEST is supporting local youth sports teams, this year POLYWEST have sponsored the girls football team of SV Union Wessum with weather jackets, to keep the team playing with the weather gets cold or rainy.

The picture show parts of the happy team members together with the trainer team Mrs. Tiebel and Mr. Mike Wensker member of the POLYWEST production management team.

4 new trainees starting

Photo (from left to right): Mrs M. Hilker, Mr P. Sicking, Mr. S. Özkaya, Mr. H. Ahmad

Beginning of August 4 new trainees have started their 3 year apprenticeship period and were welcome by  the Managing Director of the POLYWEST Company. Quality at a high level can only be guaranteed through highly qualified personnel. That is why vocational training has a high priority at POLYWEST Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co.KG. The vocational training is done in 3 different areas,  in business and administration,  in plastic processing and the mechanical and electrical maintenance.


Compressible sleeves successful since years

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

Compressible sleeves are sometimes new products for competitors today, but not for POLYWEST.
SOFTCOAT sleeves is the compressible sleeve from POLYWEST are successful on the market since many years and more than 10.000 SOFTCOAT sleeves are produced.
The compressible SOFTCOAT sleeves are available in two versions conductive (regarding ATEX95) and non conductive (turquoise colour), with three different hardness grades: Soft 55 Shore°A; Medium 63 Shore°A; Firm 70 Shore°A with hardness
tolerance +/- 2 Shore°A. For special costumer demands intermedia hardness steps are possible to be made.
Because of unique PU material and special production methods, POLYWEST can guarantee these tight tolerances in production on daily base.
The SOFTCOAT sleeves are only produced in + version with a reinforcement layer and offer a very good longtime stability and perfect print results at high speed.

Picture: SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

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