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Donation for “Ahauser Tafel”


Photo subline: Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig (M.) and Mr. Michael Kockeniedt (r.) from POLYWEST gave a 1500 Euro donation to Mathilde Fischer, Alexandra Perl and Marlies Feldmann (from left to right) from the “Ahauser Tafel”

Info: The “Ahauser Tafel”  (translated: Table of the City of Ahaus) is a charitable organization collecting food and more from supermarkets. They hand these things twice a week to poor people in Ahaus. The “Ahauser Tafel” helps about 400 people in town, about half them are children.

Of course also the new refugees living in Ahaus do participate either. POLYWEST helps the “Ahauser Tafel” with this donation to cover fuel and other costs to run the organization.






4 new trainees starting at POLYWEST

Beginning of August 4 new trainees have started their 3 year apprenticeship period and are welkom by Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig and Mr. Michael Kockentiedt, Managing Director of the POLYWEST Company. Quality at a high level can only be guaranteed through highly qualified personnel. That is why vocational training has a high priority at POLYWEST Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co.KG. The vocational training is done in 3 different areas: business and administration; plastic processing; industrial mechanical

4 neue Azubis

(Photo: from left to right : Tobias Penner; Dennis Liebnitz; Bülent Degismis; Vinh Hoang Nguyen)

Industry Show Ahaus 2015

Industrietage2015Ahaus – April 2015

On Sunday 19th April the local industry show took place in Ahaus. About 160 industrial companies showed their product range to the local visitors.

More than 30.000 people took the chance to get information about the companies, products and employment possibilities. POLYWEST showed a large variety of sleeves RUBIN+ and ONYX+ as well as the carbon fiber adapters.

Polywest Softcoat-Adapter qualified for use with DuPont™ Cyrel® Round Sleeves

dupontpolywestNEU-ISENBURG, Germany, February 27th , 2015 – DuPont Packaging Graphics, the leading supplier of endless photopolymer printing forms has tested the Softcoat-Adapters of POLYWEST under strict conditions to qualify them for the use with Cyrel® Round Thin und Classic Sleeves. One of the criteria target was that Polywest adapters show a similar behavior in regards of their printing characteristics like products of previously qualified suppliers. The visual appearance, as well as the pull-on and –off conditions and finally the adapter itself should meet their expectations.

The qualification / certification has taken place in the facilities of DuPont and during print tests in the technology center of the DFTA (German Flexo Technology Centre) in Stuttgart which had been accompanied and evaluated by DuPont specialists. After successful completion of extensive tests, POLYWEST has been announced as DuPont’s official supplier for compressive adapter.

Softcoat-Adapters are obtainable in already known levels of hardness: soft, medium and firm. The foam hardness is clearly recognizable for the operator by an inside labelling as well as by a color marking on the front side. Adapters can be supplied either with air out of an air cylinder or over a separate connection, depending on the requirements of the customer, whereas minimum wall thickness and printing peripheral conditions need to be strictly respected.

DuPont Packaging Graphics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flexographic plate-making systems in digital and conventional formats, including the DuPont™ Cyrel® brand of photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and finishing products. For more information about DuPont Packaging Graphics, please visit
DuPont (NYSE: DD) has been bringing world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace in the form of innovative products, materials, and services since 1802. The company believes that by collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs, and thought leaders we can help find solutions to such global challenges as providing enough healthy food for people everywhere, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, and protecting life and the environment. For additional information about DuPont and its commitment to inclusive innovation, please visit

POLYWEST Kunststofftechnik
The company POLYWEST have had continuous enlarged the range of products during the last 25 years. Today POLYWEST is a system supplier with the focus on to flexo printing sleeves, adapters/ brigdesleeves and service. With our long term experience we are able to produce high quality products and solutions for our customers. With this know-how POLYWEST is permanently developing innovative new sleeve and adapter technologies. POLYWEST is one of the leading sleeve producers worldwide. The cooperation with university, R&D institute and industrial partners and the combination with innovative materials and technologies, guarantees that POLYWEST will be innovative partner for the flexo printing industry. Our international sales partners and productions facilities make service and support worldwide available. We are listed supplier of well-known customers in nearly all countries, the quality of our products, just-in-time production, reliability and service satisfy these costumers. For additional information about POLYWEST, please visit

Strengthening of the POLYWEST Team

Ahaus, 10.02.2015

Kockentiedt467_700POLYWEST has reinforced its team, at 5th Jan. 2015 Mr. Michael Kockentiedt, started as technical managing director at POLYWEST.

Mr. Kockentiedt is graduated engineer in mechanical engineering with more than 15 years of experience in the flexo industry, he worked many years as R+D and technical manager at a local competitor company.

Together with Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig, Mr. Kockentiedt will focus POLYWEST even better on costumer demands and strengthen the technical know how.

Carbon Fibre Adaptor for hydraulic clamping

Ahaus, May 30st, 2014

The newest development of POLYWEST, the Carbon Fibre Adapter for hydraulic clamping is now launched. The clamping adapter is designed for use on Fischer&Krecke®/F&K® CI-Flexoprinting machines type FP 16-S und 20 SIX® and available for printing width AB 1050, 1250, 1350 und 1450 mm.
The special design of the hydraulic clamping mandrel requires an even special designed bridge, on the basis of the wellproven hybrid technology with high performance carbon fibre surface.

POLYWEST offers the renewal / reconditioning of wear off or damaged OEM-Clamping Adapters and production of new clamping adapters, single ones as an replacement or to complete existing sets.

Hydraulischer Spannadapter


Heinz W. Lorig retires from POLYWEST

After more than 25 years at POLYWEST first as a shareholder and managing director later as a technical consultant Heinz W. Lorig was retired from POLYWEST at end of Dec.2013. We like to thank Mr. Lorig for working for POLYWEST for such a long time and wish him all the best for the coming years.

Herr Lorig

Business Development Agency visits POLYWEST

On 7th October the regional Business Development Agency of Borken WFG country visits POLYWEST. Head of the group was county major Dr. Kai Zwicker, members of the group are Ahaus city major Mr. Felix Büter and Dr. H. Kleinschneider of WFG.

The group was very impressed during the company tour about technological know-how of Polywest and that the product are sold to countries all over the world. Dr. Zwicker resumes  that POLYWET is a leading example for a local family owned mid size company, that is successful with product produced in Germany, because of know-how and quality of the products.

Group of visitors during the company tour together
with POLYWEST managing director Jörg C. Saueressig




Girls Day 2013 at POLYWEST

On 25th April 2013 some schoolgirls have had the possibility to participate in the Girls’ Day at POLYWEST. They can take a close look in job areas they normally didn´t take in consideration. The young ladies gain in insight by practical examples in different production areas and learn, how interesting and exciting it could be, to work in a technical job.

The participants were enthusiastic about to produce by themself a part made about of glasfibre reinforced plastic.

Anilox Protection sleeve 10 years on the market

POLYPROTECT, the protection sleeves from POLYWEST is been successfully on the market for more than 10 years time, often copied, but never reached in all its features. Because of this a European costumer is now equipping his complete stock of anilox rollers with protection sleeves from POLYWEST. POLYPROTECT is the perfect supplementing for every valuable anilox roller.

POLYPROTECT will secure the fragile anilox roller surface during transport, handling and storage and will prevent costly repairs and machine down times. The POLYWEST POLYPROTECT anilox roller protection sleeve is available for all common anilox roller types from POLYWEST and other suppliers. POLYPROTECT is lightweight, sturdy and secure and mark perfectly all of your anilox rollers sleeves.


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