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Compressible sleeves successful since years

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

Compressible sleeves are sometimes new products for competitors today, but not for POLYWEST.
SOFTCOAT sleeves is the compressible sleeve from POLYWEST are successful on the market since many years and more than 10.000 SOFTCOAT sleeves are produced.
The compressible SOFTCOAT sleeves are available in two versions conductive (regarding ATEX95) and non conductive (turquoise colour), with three different hardness grades: Soft 55 Shore°A; Medium 63 Shore°A; Firm 70 Shore°A with hardness
tolerance +/- 2 Shore°A. For special costumer demands intermedia hardness steps are possible to be made.
Because of unique PU material and special production methods, POLYWEST can guarantee these tight tolerances in production on daily base.
The SOFTCOAT sleeves are only produced in + version with a reinforcement layer and offer a very good longtime stability and perfect print results at high speed.

Picture: SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

Looking for new agents + partners

POLYWEST is looking for new agents / partners in following countries:

Egypt, France, Iran, Israel, Colombia and Peru

If you are interested or you know someone who is suitable, please get in contact directly with Michael Bormann, Head of Sales in POLYWEST.

Saueressig & Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Bormann
-Leiter Vertrieb / Head of Sales-

Tel.:+49 (0) 2561 9321- 39
Fax: +49 (0) 2561 9321- 40


Flexo Printing grows in China

In May Michael Bormann, Head of Sales in POLYWEST, visited the „International Printing Technology Exhibition“ in Peking.
To support the reseller “HuiYea” based in Shanghai on the spot, Mr Bormann was three days on their booth.
POLYWEST is already a few years successful in the Chinese market and equipped amongst others a XXL-machine for corrugated cardboard preprint.

Because of the positive impression of the very good visited exhibition and the statements of the agent, Mr Bormann gives following forecast: “With our new agency “hy” we see a massive growing potential. Not only because of the very good portfolio and the very good position of our agency in the market but also because of the trend to flexo printing in China. We assume to increase our turnover in China ten times in the next years.”

New certification ISO 9001:2015

POLYWEST is running since many years a quality management system (QMS)  ISO 9001. This spring, there is not only a normal recertification audit, but a change to the new norm  ISO 9001:2015, this means some changes and new items, specially the risk management is new. This was a challange for the quality team and all members of the staff and was taken over successfully, as the new certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 shows. Never the less it is our goal to produce products in time in perfect quality for our costumers.

Good for the environment

POLYWEST needs for their 3-shift production electric power and heating energy for temperature curing of sleeves and adapters. In the last months we have renewed parts of the heating and ventilation system for the production areas. In addition we invested in a combined heat and power plant.

This cogeneration unit was built by the local company 2G, it will produce in future 20KW electric power and in addition 44 KW heating energy. By these measures the climate in the production can be adjusted in different areas for their special requirements. With these investments we be saving quit a lot of energy and costs and at the end it will be good for the environment.

Corrugated paper pre-print with XXL-Sleeves

16-11-gruppenbild-grupo-gondiIn 2015 POLYWEST received a big order of XXL-Sleeves for the first Allstein machine in the corrugated paper pre-print area.

More than 300 XXL-Sleeves were made for a printer based near Atlanta, Georgie in the US and delivered in 2016. Meanwhile POLYWEST heard that the machine is running well.

Since 2011 POLYWEST equipped already several BOBST 90SIX model with their XXL-Sleeves.
In 2014 BOBST installed the first CI press for preprint and liner board applications at Grupo Gondi, Mexico that Polywest equipped with XXL-Sleeves also.

Ever since they have been used for production, the XXL-Sleeves performed at the customer with full satisfaction which resulted in a repeat visit of a Grupo Gondi delegation, see picture, to Polywest in Ahaus, Germany and a new order of an extensive XXL-Sleeve package for their second BOBST 90SIX press, that will be commissioned in 2017 at a different Grupo Gondi facility.

Fascinating technology

About 25 members of the technical club of Ahaus visited POLYWEST beginning of January 2016. The club members are technical interested local persons of all professions, they visit companies several times a year to get a deep look into production and technology. After the company tour the visitors were impressed about the technologies POLYWEST is using and about the fact that all products are produced nearly by 100% at POLYWEST in Ahaus.

Technik Ahaus e.V. bei Polywest

Technik Ahaus e.V. bei Polywest

5 new trainees at the POLYWEST Company

In August 5 new trainees have started their 3 year apprenticeship period and are welkom by Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig, Managing Director of the POLYWEST Company.

Quality at a high level can only be guaranteed through highly qualified personnel. That is why vocational training has a high priority at POLYWEST Kunststofftechnik GmbH & the level of the vocational training contingent of more than 10% of the workforce in the past years speaks for itself.

POLYWEST Azubis 2013

(Photo: Yuhannis Kacmaz, Kai Woltering, Stefanie Petter, Dominik Wellmann, Managing Director Jörg C. Saueressig. Niklas Baring is missing on the photo)

Germans have special traditions…

Germans have special traditions. One of them is to have a nice walk with some beer in the month of may –  called “may walk”. Alternatively one can also use a special train truck which bears the special name “Pängel Anton”. Last saturday the staff of POLYWEST Kunststofftechnik Saueressig & Partner GmbH & Co. KG did such a “may walk” with such a train. They drove around the city of Ahaus and had lots of communications and probably some drinks. Afterwards they were invited to have barbecue on the company campus of Polywest. All in all it was a beautiful day for the Polywest staff and they’re looking forward to May 2012 already!


Rubin XXL 114mm

A new XXL version of its Rubin sleeve has been produced by POLYWEST KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK for one of its European customers.

Designed with a wall thickness of 114 mm, the XXL sleeve increases the customer’s efficiency and avoids the need for bridging or adaptor sleeves. Despite its extreme thickness, the sleeve only weights 20 kg.

The XXL has been delivered by the German company Polywest Kunststofftechnik to an important European customer. This customer manufactures packaging products for the food industry a big European brand super market chain.

Polywest’s Rubin Sleeve has been produced with an extreme wall thickness of more than 11 centimetres, hence the name XXL. The new, very thick sleeve has been invented by Polywest and produced with a secret formular. This the result of 20 years experience and innovation in developing sleeve technology in the Polywest company.

The new XXL-Sleeve increases the efficiency for the customer, so he has no need to go for other Adapter- and Cliché-Sleeve technology.

Only the POLYWEST technology was able to manufacture such a sleeve to the requirements of the customer. Although the wall of the sleeve is so great at 114 mm, the weight is only 20 kg. The XXL-Sleeve has been delivered in an several phases, and has fulfilled all of the customers requirements. Further orders have been placed as a result of the success of the XXL sleeve.

More data: inside diameter 121,074 mm / outside diameter 349,87 mm / wall thickness 114 mm / width 1100 mm / weight approx. 20 kg

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