Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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Our team of experts researches and develops for you. More than 60 applied patents and utility model protections as well as registered trade marks reflect our technical competence.

Quality policy

POLYWEST and all employees are fully orientated to quality of products, regarding the 4 guidelines:
1.) Quality is, if the costumer comes back and not the product!
2.) Quality is, if the product arrive in time at the costumer!
3.) Quality needs, well trained and motivated employees!
4.) Quality needs constant improvement!

ISO Quality Certification

Since 2001 the Quality Management System ISO 9001 is effective at POLYWEST. Regular repeat inspections to ensure adherence to the standard are carried out by the certification body LGA InterCert GmbH (Nuremberg). Since 2017 POLYWEST is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Product Certification

Some products are certified by the certification bodies LGA Bayern (Bavaria) or the BG-Pruefcert (accident prevention and insurance institution) for special quality or performance factors.

Team Production






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