Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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Corrugated paper pre-print with XXL-Sleeves

16-11-gruppenbild-grupo-gondiIn 2015 POLYWEST received a big order of XXL-Sleeves for the first Allstein machine in the corrugated paper pre-print area.

More than 300 XXL-Sleeves were made for a printer based near Atlanta, Georgie in the US and delivered in 2016. Meanwhile POLYWEST heard that the machine is running well.

Since 2011 POLYWEST equipped already several BOBST 90SIX model with their XXL-Sleeves.
In 2014 BOBST installed the first CI press for preprint and liner board applications at Grupo Gondi, Mexico that Polywest equipped with XXL-Sleeves also.

Ever since they have been used for production, the XXL-Sleeves performed at the customer with full satisfaction which resulted in a repeat visit of a Grupo Gondi delegation, see picture, to Polywest in Ahaus, Germany and a new order of an extensive XXL-Sleeve package for their second BOBST 90SIX press, that will be commissioned in 2017 at a different Grupo Gondi facility.

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