Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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Donation for “Ahauser Tafel”


Photo subline: Mr. Jörg C. Saueressig (M.) and Mr. Michael Kockeniedt (r.) from POLYWEST gave a 1500 Euro donation to Mathilde Fischer, Alexandra Perl and Marlies Feldmann (from left to right) from the “Ahauser Tafel”

Info: The “Ahauser Tafel”  (translated: Table of the City of Ahaus) is a charitable organization collecting food and more from supermarkets. They hand these things twice a week to poor people in Ahaus. The “Ahauser Tafel” helps about 400 people in town, about half them are children.

Of course also the new refugees living in Ahaus do participate either. POLYWEST helps the “Ahauser Tafel” with this donation to cover fuel and other costs to run the organization.






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