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With the POLYCARBON adapters, Polywest offers a three-stage system for flexographic printing. All POLYCARBON adapters have a wear-resistant and robust carbon surface. Additionally to vibration damping the carbon surface withstands frequent handling or sleeve changes.

POLYCARBON BASIC is the clever adapter with a solid structure and suitable for use in all standard flexographic printing machines.

POLYCARBON ALLROUND stands out due to its more vibration-damping carbon structure. This results in an improved printing performance with a simultaneous weight reduction, in particular for adapters with larger wall thicknesses. The ALLROUND is therefore up to almost all printing challenges.

The POLYCARBON FAST is the speed master among the Polywest adapters and is designed for the highest quality demands at maximum printing speed.

With the POLYCARBON HYDRAULIC, Polywest also offers a well tried and tested hydraulic shaft adapter for maximum printing speeds for high quality demands.

Polywest “Your Print – Our Mission”.

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