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Rubin XXL 114mm

A new XXL version of its Rubin sleeve has been produced by POLYWEST KUNSTSTOFFTECHNIK for one of its European customers.

Designed with a wall thickness of 114 mm, the XXL sleeve increases the customer’s efficiency and avoids the need for bridging or adaptor sleeves. Despite its extreme thickness, the sleeve only weights 20 kg.

The XXL has been delivered by the German company Polywest Kunststofftechnik to an important European customer. This customer manufactures packaging products for the food industry a big European brand super market chain.

Polywest’s Rubin Sleeve has been produced with an extreme wall thickness of more than 11 centimetres, hence the name XXL. The new, very thick sleeve has been invented by Polywest and produced with a secret formular. This the result of 20 years experience and innovation in developing sleeve technology in the Polywest company.

The new XXL-Sleeve increases the efficiency for the customer, so he has no need to go for other Adapter- and Cliché-Sleeve technology.

Only the POLYWEST technology was able to manufacture such a sleeve to the requirements of the customer. Although the wall of the sleeve is so great at 114 mm, the weight is only 20 kg. The XXL-Sleeve has been delivered in an several phases, and has fulfilled all of the customers requirements. Further orders have been placed as a result of the success of the XXL sleeve.

More data: inside diameter 121,074 mm / outside diameter 349,87 mm / wall thickness 114 mm / width 1100 mm / weight approx. 20 kg

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