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In flexo printing there are two solutions for covering differences in repeat: on the one hand built-up sleeves with the necessary wall thickness and adapters on the other. Adapters enable the printer to bridge large differences in circumference where standard built-up sleeves reach their limitations. Once these reach a certain wall thickness they lose some of their positive attributes. Adapters have an additional weight advantage over thick walled sleeves making them easier to handle.Adapters use the air cushion principle, i.e. they need some form of air supply to be mounted or dismounted. There are clearly defined parameters for this that need to be followed. The plate sleeves can then be mounted on the adapters as if these were air support cylinders. All POLYWEST adapters are conductive (in accordance with ATEX 95) as a matter of principle and are characterised by their light weight, stability and rigidity. The robust surfaces can cope with repeated sleeve changes and allow sleeves to be mounted with ease. POLYWEST adapters are manufactured with high precision as regards concentricity and are designed in such a way that sleeve and adapter are prevented from rotating relative to each other.

POLYWEST-Adapter available in different versions

  • Carbon Fibre Adapter (CFA)
  • Hydraulic Clamping Adapter (CF)
  • Softcoat Adapter

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