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Carbon Fibre Adapter

Adapters enable the printer to bridge large differences in print circumferences, where the standard printing plate has already reached its limit.With the combination of internal and external diameters between adapter and printing plate every desired print repeat length can be obtained. The technology of the “air cushion principle” is decisive for the simple mounting and demounting in the printing press. An existing compressed air supply provides adequate volume of air with the minimum pressure required. The adapters from POLYWEST are electro statically dischargeable according to Guideline 94/9/EG (formerly ATEX 95) and excel through their low weight, high stability and rigidity characteristics. The robust surface withstands frequent sleeve changes and enables simple sleeve mounting. Adapter

POLYWEST adapters have precise concentric run-out properties and are designed to provide a high level of torsion rigidity between plate sleeve and adapter to prevent skewing. A combination of high performance carbon fibres linked with a multi-layer build-up with GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) fulfills the requirements of flexo printing. The smooth running characteristics at high printing speeds (up to 600 m/min.) are achieved through the use of high quality CRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic).

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Carbon fibre adaptor

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