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Softcoat adapter

The Softcoat Adapter from POLYWEST is the bridge for thin sleeves during the printing process and suitable for all endless printing forms of the thin sleeve technology (Thin or Classic type).
The surface of the thin sleeve can be out of Photopolymer, Elastomere, Rubber, EPDM or NOVOTEC.The surface of the Softcoat Adapter is compressible material which is available in the hardness Soft I Medium I Firm.With different hardness of the compressible adapter the printer is able to adjust the compressibility to the particular requirement of the print design.Usually the printer uses soft surface for fine gradients, firm surface for full tone and medium for a combination of gradients and full tone.

The mounting behaviour of the thin or classic sleeve on top of the Softcoat Adapter depends on several factors:

The compressible adapter should fit with the diameter of the thin sleeve, the thin sleeve should be flexible enough, the air pressure and volume should be big enough for the mounting and the Softcoat Adapter has to fit the air mandrel or adapter where it is mounted to get the air according to the top. Most important is here the precise correspondence of the air holes and the air line.

POLYWEST has the experience to coordinate together with you the according information about the Softcoat Adapter for your system.



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Softcoat Adapter E

Datasheet Softcoat Adapter Date 10.11.2015


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