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POLYBASE – Basesleeve for Aniloxrollers

POLYBASE, the basesleeve for anilox rollers from POLYWEST.Most modern Flexo printing machines are using sleeve technology both as the printing plate carrier as well as for the anilox roller, POLYWEST offers for all types of flexo printing machines (CI or Inline) suitable anilox basesleeves up to 1.750 mm face length and for all air cylinders/ air mandrels.

The POLYBASE Sleeves are combining the proven POLYWEST sleeve technology with a sturdy outer aluminium tube, the challenge is to build this multi layer construction to be suitable for ceramic coating (Cr2O3), polishing, laser engraving and guaranteeing a perfect T.I.R. for a long time.

POLYBASE used with solvend based inks will be fitted with brass endrings, those used with water- or UV-inks will have stainless endrings.To prepare a quotation for POLYBASE, we will need detailed information and a drawing of the anilox base sleeve necessary.


Technical Data of Polybase

Facelength 300 to max. 1.750 mm
Outer diameter 80 to max. 250 mm
Wallthickness max. 25 mm
Air mandrels all metric stork types
Temperature durability max. 90°C / max. 194°F
Tolerance at 21° TIR: 0,025mm OD: +/-0,02mm


POLYPROTECT, the protection sleeves for anilox rollers from POLYWEST is the perfect supplementing for every anilox roller.  POLYPROTECT will secure the fragile anilox roller surface during transport, handling and storage and will prevent costly repairs and machine down times. The POLYWEST POLYPROTECT anilox roller protection sleeve is awailable for all common anilox roller types from POLYWEST and other suppliers. POLYPROTECT is lightweight, sturdy and secure and mark perfectly all of your anilox rollers sleeves.

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