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RUBBERBASE is manufactured from glass fibre reinforced plastic. Different rubber coatings can then be applied to this. RUBBERBASE has a wall thickness of approx. 1.0 mm and a particular surface roughness which is applied by special treatment of the fibre glass sleeve at the end of the production process. This provides the necessary structure for an optimal bonding with the rubber coating. Conical RUBBERBASE sleeves manufactured are used as the basis for gravure pressure rollers. They are available as B-Type (non-conductive) and C-Type (conductive).

The base sleeve in this case is RUBBERBASE which has been vulcanised with rubber. Depending on what they are intended to be used for, they can be produced in a variety of different qualities and shore hardnesses.


The use of rubber coated sleeves can prove problematic due to the different print repeats as the quality of the print deteriorates with the thickness of the rubber coating.
As its name implies, the TWIN sleeve combines two elements that are normally technically impossible:

Thick polyurethane-elastomer on the inside and the thinnest possible rubber coating on the outside. The TWIN is particularly useful for printing machines with fixed shafts to overcome the problems caused by different print repeats and still be in a position to use rubber coated sleeves.

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