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SOFTCOAT is a seamless, compressible surface especially suited to thin plate technology, its high level of compressibility reduces the deformation of the plate during printing.

It offers the optimal sleeve surface when printing difficult images that include both solids and half tones and will not need to use expensive foamed tapes. SOFTCOAT eliminates all of the problems caused by butt join and spirals that sometimes appear during printing when using wound surfaces do not crop up.

The particularly fine-pored SOFTCOAT surface is available in different hardness grades:

  • Soft – 55 Shore°A(± 2 Shore)
  • Medium – 63 Shore°A(± 2 Shore)
  • Firm – 70 Shore°A(± 2 Shore)

SOFTCOAT demonstrates good adhesive qualities when used together with standard tape materials, almost SOFTCOAT is used with favourable solid 0,10 mm / 0,004 inch tape material.


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