Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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Sleeves for an eternity…

As the POLYWEST employee opened a carton in the warehouse, he was more than a little surprised. Before him lay a piece of Sleeve history. An Old-timer from the year 1993. Sleeves, where the use was clearly visible, ” but basically still in order” said a customer in conversation with our technician several das before. And because most of the Sleeves are, apart from slight wear on the surface, still in order after years of use, we often offer a remoulding or reworking at a different pressing level. “You can do that?” Of course, the reworking of used Sleeves has been common practise for years at POLYWEST and it is worth it. At approx. 30% of the new price, the remoulding is an economic alterative to completely new Sleeves.

A remoulded Sleeve, what does that mean?

Well, one could say, renewing the outer of a Sleeve. Then the inner, the soul of the Sleeve, was then as now the solid and stable GFK construction. There are also now restrictions on pressing for remoulded Sleeves. Everything is virtually as it was on the firstt day. Basically, you receive from us – to stay up to date – a surface update.

… constant dripping wears away the stone…

A pearl of wisdom, that is true for many things in life, even for Sleeves. When Sleeves are incorrectly treated or supported, sooner or later the stable construction will be of no use. So that this does not happen, you receive a product advice with every delivery. But here, we have to make a large compliment to our customers. “They know how to handle Sleeves”. This is proved by the constantly increasing numbers of re-workings that are made in the house POLYWEST. Many of these Sleeves have been in use for 5 years or more. That is really impressive.

… so, prove who binds eternally…

Or, more precisely, wants to bind. Then with the proved POLYWEST ® Sleeves you have a guarantee of High Tech plus a long service life. POLYWEST ® Sleeves are Sleeves for an eternity.

Any questions? Call us!

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