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T Q M Certification – Quality is officially confirmed

Polywest Kunstofftechnik receives TQM Certification


Handover of TQM certificate to Johann
Deuling (TQM appointee), Stephan Lorig (Managing Director) and Jürgen Rosing (Production Manager)

“The worldwide success of our products made us introduce the Total Quality Management (TQM) in the whole company. National and international customers and prospects requested-also in terms of European integration- to unify assessment of their suppliers” said Stephan Lorig, Managing Director of Polywest Kunstofftechnik. Because of the minor complaints rate and enormous achievements, f.ex.: patented proprietary development of NOVOTEC®, the certification of the company according to DIN EN ISO 9001 was always put off. In the period of 8 months all the prerequisites for certification were formed and all departments of the company (Sales, Service, Production and Development) were very thoroughly examined. At the end of the last year the company was, without objections, certified by LGA InterCert.

“All the employees contributed to the certification in an exemplary and dedicated way. We were surprised that our existing TQM system had fitted so smoothly in the officially required parameter”, said Stephan Lorig.

“We regard the Total Quality Management system not as a burden, but as an important factor to guarantee the excellence of our operating procedures and products and assure long-lasting market presence of the company“, Stephan Lorig continued.

With working TQM system the further national and international expansion of the company from Ahaus is in the long run guaranteed.

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