Sleeves! Voller Ideen
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The TREND is red


The new Polyflex® TREND is a real innovation. TREND sets innovative standards in flexo printing and ensures optimal printing results.

While printing at high speeds with sleeves that have a compressible layer within, axial vibration lines can often occur.

The problem increases disproportionably as printing speeds increase.

During the printing run quickly rotating sleeves and impression cylinders cause a pressure on each other. This leads to the point where clichés will be slowed down. It can cause a print mismatch in repeat direction.

TREND sleeve can handle this problem. TREND was developed in order to eliminate the appearance of axial vibration lines caused by sleeves.

Thanks to innovative built-in support construction such axial vibration lines will be averted.

This built-in support stabilise in repeat direction the outer surface in relation to the inner core of the sleeve.

POLYWEST has not reinvented the wheel, just taken the advantage of the principle of the spoke. Rotational or torsion-related movements in the compressible layer are prevented, and therefore restoring forces do not build up at all.

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