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Compressible sleeves successful since years

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

Compressible sleeves are sometimes new products for competitors today, but not for POLYWEST.
SOFTCOAT sleeves is the compressible sleeve from POLYWEST are successful on the market since many years and more than 10.000 SOFTCOAT sleeves are produced.
The compressible SOFTCOAT sleeves are available in two versions conductive (regarding ATEX95) and non conductive (turquoise colour), with three different hardness grades: Soft 55 Shore°A; Medium 63 Shore°A; Firm 70 Shore°A with hardness
tolerance +/- 2 Shore°A. For special costumer demands intermedia hardness steps are possible to be made.
Because of unique PU material and special production methods, POLYWEST can guarantee these tight tolerances in production on daily base.
The SOFTCOAT sleeves are only produced in + version with a reinforcement layer and offer a very good longtime stability and perfect print results at high speed.

Picture: SOFTCOAT sleeves conductive (left) and no conductive with stainless steel ring (right)

Neue Vertreter + Handelspartner gesucht

POLYWEST está buscando nuevos agentes / socios en los siguientes países:

Egipto, Bélgica, Francia, Irán, Israel, Colombia y Perú

Si está interesado o conoce a alguien que sea adecuado, póngase en contacto directamente con Michael Bormann, Jefe de ventas en POLYWEST.

Saueressig & Partner GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Bormann
-Leiter Vertrieb / Head of Sales-

Tel.:+49 (0) 2561 9321- 39
Fax: +49 (0) 2561 9321- 40


Good for the environment

POLYWEST needs for their 3-shift production electric power and heating energy for temperature curing of sleeves and adapters. In the last months we have renewed parts of the heating and ventilation system for the production areas. In addition we invested in a combined heat and power plant.

This cogeneration unit was built by the local company 2G, it will produce in future 20KW electric power and in addition 44 KW heating energy. By these measures the climate in the production can be adjusted in different areas for their special requirements. With these investments we be saving quit a lot of energy and costs and at the end it will be good for the environment.

DRUPA 2016

More than 260.000 vistors are coming to the DRUPA fair in Düsseldorf, POLYWEST joined the fair. On our booth we have had a lot talks with different costumer groups, packaging printers, machine manufactures and other visitors who are interested in the POLYWEST product range.
New products presented first time are, Lightweight Sleeves PREMIUM and the new carbonfiber adapter PREMIUM HM CFRP Bridge for high quality and high printing speeds.
After 11 days on the show, we wish to see you again on DRUPA 2020 starting 23.06. to 03.07.

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