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Polywest Deutschland

With the help of Saueressig’s knowledge of flexoprinting, we manufactured our first sleeve in 1988. This was a time when flexographic printing without sleeves was already considered inconceivable.

This accounts for the rapid development of our sleeve technology. New materials and manufacturing processes helped pave the way to success for our sleeves, which is why we count ourselves among the leading sleeve manufacturers in the world. Originally our sleeves were sold under the name of Saueressig.

Efficiency & Flexibility

Printing preparation and change-over times involve considerable costs, particularly in flexographic printing. Moreover, investments in plate cylinders and their storage complicate pricing.

Applying plate sleeves leads to greater efficiency and thus to a reduction in costs.

Plate sleeves are used for mounting printing, rubber and photopolymer plates. They can be used for all kinds of flexible printing, such as package, wallpaper and decorative printing as well as for pre-print and corrugated board applications.

Time-saving, a decrease in the cylinder stock and thus lesser space requirements are the concomitant advantages resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs.
The low sleeve weight offers yet another handling benefit.

The support cylinder and air-cushion principle

When the compressed-air supply is interrupted, the sleeve contracts, contracting around the cylinder so as to be immovable. The sleeve can be pulled off when compressed-air is supplied to the cylinder once again, causing the sleeve to loosen so that it can be pulled off easily without any trouble. The cylinder can be re-used as a support and provided with the plate sleeve for the next print run.

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